Enter the Exciting World of Sand Sculpture Competition!

The World Championship Sand Sculpture Competition is open to Master Sand Sculptors only. If you believe that you are an accomplished sand sculptor who should be accredited as a Master Sculptor, you will have:

-competed in the Master's category in Solo Competition at Toronto, Ont.; Quebec City, Quebec; South Padre Island, Texas; Virginia Beach, VA.; Fort Myer's, Florida or Imperial Beach, California. 

OR... Competed as the Lead Sculptor of a Master's Team entered at Imperial Beach, California.; Moscow, Russia;  Scheveningen, Holland or Kaseda City, Japan.

OR... You are an accomplished sculptor in another medium, such as bronze, ice, snow, terra cotta or wood AND your work has won an awards in juried shows or competitions AND you can demonstrate considerable experience in sand sculpting.

OR... You have worked with a professional sand sculpture company for at least three years and the lead sculptor of that company is prepared to acknowledge your competence and professionalism.

If any of these conditions apply to you, you should send at least five photographs of different pieces of sand sculpture completed by you along with a brief resume of your experience and at least one letter of reference from: another Master Sand Sculptor, University Professor or community official such as the Mayor or Chief of Police to World Champion Sand Sculpture.


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