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Top Tips for First-Time Condo Buyers

A condo is a great alternative to the traditional house for both experienced and first-time buyers. However, the process of purchasing a condo involves a process that even veteran homeowners are not aware of. The idea of purchasing a condo can be both fun and exciting. You can keep it this way by doing adequate research and getting prepared. These are some of the tips that can help first-time condo buyers avoid common pitfalls that can make the purchasing process a headache.

Hire an Experienced Agent

Choosing your agent can be a big deal. Do not just choose anyone you come across. Your agent plays a great role in the entire house buying process. It is a good idea to hire an agent who is experienced in condos. You can save yourself possible headaches and ensure that the agent you hire has adequate experience with condos.

Pay Attention to Fees

condo apartmentIt is unfortunate that most first-time condos are put off by high monthly fees. There is a need to carry out adequate research and find out where the fees go. In most instances, you will find that they can pay for different forms of maintenance. Each purchase, whether a condo or house is an investment. If the building falls into disarray after a few years because of poor maintenance, it can hurt you a lot in the long-term.

Start Saving Today

The process of financing condos can be quite different from financing for traditional homes. You should get a pre-approval letter. When going for a loan or mortgage, you should contact an expert first. There are different factors that affect a person’s ability to get a loan. Taking into account such factors, it may be difficult to get a condo mortgage. You should not wait until you get ready to start thinking about whether you can afford to purchase a condo.

Know the Rules

condosBefore purchasing any given condo, you need to read and understand the condo association rules. You can find that your lifestyle will play a crucial role in purchasing the condo. It is a good idea to pay attention to rules around pets, noise, parties, and smoking. For instance, if you like hosting parties, you may get into constant conflict with the neighbors.

You should seek out condos that have community rules that suit your lifestyle. You need to talk to the association first before purchasing the condo. Remember that a poorly managed association is likely to cause a lot of problems whenever emergencies occur.…